Customer Story

Jan 28, 2020

Making ticket resales fair, secure, and reliable with MessageBird

Making ticket resales fair, secure, and reliable with MessageBird

Making ticket resales fair, secure, and reliable with MessageBird

TicketSwap is a platform that provides a convenient and fair place to buy and sell e-tickets for concerts, festivals, sports events, theatre, and the like. The company keeps transactions legitimate through its SecureSwap program and minimizes overpricing by capping resale mark-ups at 20 percent.

For TicketSwap, providing quick, reliable communications around transactions and ensuring that its users are legitimate is critical to delivering secure, transparent resale experiences. To authenticate buyers and sellers and keep them up-to-date, TicketSwap leverages MessageBird SMS and Programmable Email.

Accompanying event-goers every step of the way

TicketSwap was nearing peak festival season and needed an email solution that could reach millions of e-ticket buyers and sellers without getting blocked or lost in spam folders. The company needed a solution that would enable it to create unlimited templates. In addition, TicketSwap needed to send multiple emails to multiple recipients dynamically while counting on its email provider to filter content reliably to ensure delivery. MessageBird Programmable Email met all of these needs and ramped up with TicketSwap in just the nick of time.

“We decided to launch Programmable Email right in the middle of our peak
season — the European summer music festival season — which speaks to how confident we are in the solution, and how well it’s working for us. In just one week, we sent 4.8 million emails”

— TicketSwap Chief Product Officer, Frank Roor

From ticket purchases and sales to venue changes, event cancellations, and even personalized offers, Programmable Email keeps TicketSwap’s customers informed every step of the way.

Powering person-to-person ticket resales

While Programmable Email helps TicketSwap keep customers informed, MessageBird SMS helps to keep customer accounts secure. TicketSwap leverages two-factor authentication to protect its customers and platform against fraudulent or compromised activity.

By authenticating users through One-Time Passwords sent via SMS, TicketSwap ensures that transactions on the platform are completed safely by real, verified accounts.

“We’ve used MessageBird’s SMS API since nearly day one. We have always
been pleased with the reliability of the platform, and the quality of service and support we’ve received”

— TicketSwap Chief Product Officer, Frank Roor

Reselling tickets safely and fairly to fans around the world

TicketSwap powers secure, reliable ticket resales to more than 4.1 million users across 20+ countries and counting. Always putting the fans first, TicketSwap leverages cloud communications to protect and support customers from the moment they create an account, right up until they walk through the venue doors. With MessageBird, TicketSwap is able to deliver safe, stress-free experiences that put event-goers at the center of everything.