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Programmable Email

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Send emails through a simple, reliable API.

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Advanced email capabilities for your app, website or product

Integrate email in your omnichannel communications strategy.

Transactional Emails
Reset user passwords, protect data with 2FA, update users on their account activity and more.
Marketing Emails
Activate and onboard new customers, enable user invites and sharing, share product updates and more.
Fallback Messages
Make sure your message always reaches your customers by setting up fallbacks to and for your emails across communication channels.

Fortify your emails with cutting-edge features and analytics

Unmatched Deliverability
Don’t lose customers over late or undelivered emails, with industry-leading 96% email delivery rate.
Real-time performance data
Ensure your most critical emails arrive on schedule and keep track of performance data in real time.
Dynamic templates
Customize your emails programmatically at a group or individual level with flexible email templates.
Flexible SMTP injection
Invoke email messages via SMTP, leveraging robust capabilities in just a few steps.
Multiple channels, one API
Unify customer conversations on WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger and more with Programmable Conversations.
Real-time webhooks
Enhance your messaging flows with trigger-based fallbacks via email, SMS, Voice and more.

"We decided to launch Programmable Email right in the middle of our peak season—the European summer music festival season—which speaks to how confident we are in the solution, and how well it’s working for us. In just one week, we sent 4.8 million emails."

Frank Roor
Chief Product Officer
Learn how TicketSwap delivers better customer experiences with MessageBird
  • ✔ Authenticating users in over 20 countries
  • ✔ Automating personalized updates
  • ✔ Delivering millions of emails weekly

Boost engagement, increase retention and reduce churn with fast, reliable transactional email

  • Account creation notices
  • Password resets
  • Suspicious log-in notifications
  • App error messages
  • Purchase receipts
  • Shipping notifications
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Request early access

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