Apr 28, 2021

Welcome to the Nest, SparkPost!

Welcome to the Nest, SparkPost!

Welcome to the Nest, SparkPost!

We founded MessageBird in 2011 with one mission: to make communicating with a business feel as easy and natural as talking to a friend. We’re so proud of what we’ve already built together — a global, omnichannel business that powers streamlined, secure and meaningful communications — to support nearly 20,000 customers worldwide.

Looking to the future, we’ve always known there will be more puzzle pieces to collect in our mission. Many businesses still make their customers unnecessarily jump through hoops before getting in touch with them. Meanwhile, customers are demanding more convenience and expect instant, effortless resolution of their issues. To appease these evolving needs, we’ve been steadily adding channels to our growing portfolio — though our data shows that most online interactions are still exchanged through email. It remains the biggest B2C communications channel by volume and we’ve always known that it’s an essential channel for our omnichannel platform.

With this, we’re excited to announce MessageBird’s intention to acquire SparkPost, the world’s most trusted email sending and deliverability platform. It’s used to send over 4.5 trillion emails every year — or 40% of all commercial emails worldwide — including business-critical communications from companies like Twitter, Airbnb, The New York Times and Mailchimp.

SparkPost’s technology is truly differentiating. Its analytics products are stronger than its competitors, which allows for better inbox placement and delivery — and that’s exactly what our customers want to optimize. With SparkPost’s powerful tools and expert services as part of MessageBird’s omnichannel offering, our end-users will be able to benefit even more from increased reliability, security and deliverability of their email communications.

Culminating extensive due diligence and building on our multi-year relationship, we are confident and excited to welcome SparkPost to our MessageBird Nest. Combined, we will become a unified global team of 700 employees, and continue to nurture our shared values for innovation and transparency. At the same time, SparkPost will remain focused on its commitment to delivering industry-leading products and services to the enterprise email market.

Finally, there's one thing I'd like to make clear: as the outside world today will focus on the numbers, the numbers are just noise. The most important news is that our team is growing by 250 new Birds, who’ve worked tirelessly to make SparkPost the success that it is. The real magic of any company is its people, and today we’re bringing two amazing companies (and teams) together to serve our customers in an even better way. I’m so proud that I get to serve as its CEO.

My gratitude is with our Birds globally who work 24/7 for our customers; the deal teams on both sides who moved mountains to make this happen in such a short timeframe; and our new leading investors Eurazeo, Tiger Global and BlackRock, together with our existing investors who continue to support us. Special gratitude to Michael (President and CFO of MessageBird) and Rich (CEO of SparkPost), without whom this wouldn’t have happened. We are ONE omnichannel team, coming to America! 

This is just Day One. Let’s go!

- Robert

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