Feb 3, 2020

Combining MessageBird Numbers with Voice can get you better metadata on your marketing campaigns

Combining MessageBird Numbers with Voice can get you better metadata on your marketing campaigns

Combining MessageBird Numbers with Voice can get you better metadata on your marketing campaigns

Marketing teams usually rely on online analytics tools to help them determine anything from how effectively their company website is converting leads to how well an online campaign just performed. But what if you’re a smaller company or an entrepreneur, and your leads mostly come in through phone calls? What’s the best way to analyze your marketing efforts to figure out which campaigns are generating the most inbound leads?

Virtual numbers (also known as VMNs, or just Numbers at MessageBird) can give you exactly this kind of information. By assigning a unique phone number to each of your marketing campaigns, you can track every phone call and analyze which campaigns are resulting in the best, most qualified leads.

There are tons of reasons to use virtual numbers with your marketing campaigns. But here, in our opinion, are the top 3.

1. Better metadata improves conversion rates

According to Google, 62% of customers find it extremely important to be able to call a business at the purchase stage, and inbound calls are generally the final touch point in the customer’s journey. If you’ve connected a specific campaign to a phone number, you’ll know in advance why a customer is calling. You’ll know what product has caught their attention, what landing pages they’ve visited, and maybe even which keywords inspired them to pick up the phone. With this kind of metadata, you can arm your call handlers, and help them convert more leads.

2. Higher marketing ROI reduces spend

Stop crossing your fingers and throwing marketing money at ads that don’t necessarily give you the most bang for your buck. Virtual numbers deliver the real-time insights that are essential to planning and making decisions about marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results. You could, for instance, assign different phone numbers to each of your marketing units. That way, you can know for sure which campaigns are generating the most calls, and which campaigns might need to be fine-tuned to better engage your customers. Either way, using virtual numbers this way can help you make more informed decisions about every aspect of your marketing campaigns — and give you a better return on your investment.

3. Implementing learnings results in more qualified leads

When you’re developing messaging and ad buys, you want to be sure that the time and money you are spending will lead to more sales. One of the reasons it’s good to have different virtual numbers for different campaigns is that calling customers are usually more motivated buyers. They probably have specific questions. And, by routing your inbound calls to the right agent, you have a better opportunity to turn that qualified lead into a loyal customer.

Combining MessageBird numbers with Voice can let you know where your inbound leads are coming from. Check in with us to learn more, and start getting more mileage out of your marketing campaigns.