Setting up personalisation for Braze

Apr 18, 2023

Before setting up personalisation in Taxi from Braze, you'll need to set up personalisation in your account.

In the Braze field in your Taxi personalisation settings, you can use the Liquid snippets for personalisation. Below are some of the most commonly used attributes:

User ID: #{{ ${user_id} }}
First Name: #{{ ${first_name} }}
Last Name: #{{ ${last_name} }}
Email: #{{ ${email_address} }}
Country: #{{ ${country} }}
Language: #{{ ${language} }}
City: #{{ ${city} }}

You can also use any custom fields that you've defined in Braze. Braze have created a comprehensive guide to supported and custom personalisation fields here.

Below is what this will look like in Taxi.

These will become available in rich text fields in the editor.

You can add as much or as little code here as you like, so it’s possible to use Braze’s conditional code to do things like use a default name:

{% if ${first_name} == blank %}Hi there{% else %}Hey #{{${first_name}}}{% endif %}