Testing 24sessions

Aug 9, 2023

This article covers some of the things you need to be aware of when using 24sessions for the first time:


  • As a guest/customer you have to join the meeting via de link provided in the confirmation email. It looks like this: companyname.24sessions.com/join/XXXXXXXXXXXX

  • As a user/organiser: join the meeting on the meeting overview page in your 24sessions account. If you join through the guest link, the meeting will not start.

  • If you are added to a video meeting as a guest by a colleague, the meeting will not show in your meeting overview page. You have to access the meeting through the link in the confirmation email.

  • To trigger a guest review at the end of the meeting use the red hang up button as a user before the guest leaves the meeting.

  • As a user, once you click the red hang up button, the meeting is ended (if there is only one guest). If you need to exit the meeting but want to return, use the x in your tab.

  • An overview of supported browsers can be found HERE. Internet Explorer is not supported.

  • If your camera/microphone is not detected, log out of other applications that use the camera/microphone like Skype and Teams.

  • Screen sharing is not possible on tablets/phones.

  • Information shared in the chat is not saved. So when the meeting is closed, you have no access to it (including attachments).