Setting up the Outlook Add-in

Apr 11, 2023

You can plan 24sessions meetings directly from your Outlook calendar with the Outlook add-in. This makes setting up a 24sessions meeting simple and quick. There's no need to go all the way to 24sessions to set up a meeting; simply create a calendar event, apply the 24sessions settings, and you're done.


This article covers:


The following versions of Outlook are supported:

  1. Windows: Outlook 2013 or later. Mac: Outlook 2016 or later

    • Outlook on the web for Exchange 2013 on-premises and later versions

    • Outlook on iOS, Outlook on Android, and Outlook on the web and

The Outlook add-in needs to be enabled for your instance, you can ask your CSM/support to have this done for you. Without the Outlook add-in enabled for your instance, it will not work.


Installing the add-in

Step 1: install the add-in from the Microsoft AppSource. The name of the add-in is "24sessions for Outlook add-in", you can also find it by clicking here. Make sure you are signed into the Outlook account where the add-in should be added to. You might need to be authorized within your Outlook environment to install this add-in, otherwise, it may give you an error.

Step 2: After installing this add-in from Microsoft Appsource, you are able to find 24sessions in the top bar when making a new calendar event as shown in the gif below. Click on that to open the 24sessions menu.


Step 3: From there, connect your account by clicking the button "Connect your account". If this doesn't work, the Outlook add-in might not be enabled for your instance. If this is the case, please consult your CSM/support, so they can turn it on for you. 

And that's it! That's how you set up the Outlook add-in. Note that everybody needs to individually login to the plugin.

An article about using the Outlook add-in can be found here.