Setting up custom backgrounds

Nov 11, 2022

Setting up a custom background helps you create the best environment for your customer experience. Make your customers feel secure by displaying the company logo, office or anything you want behind you. So the customer will focus on you, and not that messy closet behind you. 

This article covers:


Activating custom backgrounds

To activate custom backgrounds,  you just need to open the Add-ons menu in the sidebar, a menu will open, then click on Market. Then, look for the add-on that is named Backgrounds. Click Enable and that's it! You've just enabled custom backgrounds. That was easy!


Adding custom backgrounds

Now, you have enabled custom backgrounds, so let's add one! To set up custom backgrounds, click Add-ons in the sidebar, a menu will open. In this menu, you can click Backgrounds to go to your custom background settings. 

You can then simply click the button labelled New to upload a background. 

Make sure the file you upload is a PNG or JPG file, with a size not exceeding 10MB. We recommend using landscape-oriented images, with a minimum resolution of 960 pixels in height. If you want the whole image to be displayed, you should use a picture with 4:3 dimensions. The best resolution to use is 1280x960 pixels. Try to stay away from putting your logo in the corners of the background, as those can still be cut off slightly. Some more best practices are found in the below image.



Disabling or deleting a custom background

Not quite feeling a certain background anymore? You can temporarily disable this option to prevent it from showing up in video calls. Navigate to your background settings by clicking Add-ons in the sidebar, then clicking Backgrounds. There you can disable a background by simply clicking the switch on the top-right of a custom background. The background preview will turn grey and the background is disabled! Should you ever want to re-enable it again, just click the switch and the background will become active again.

Do you want to delete the background entirely? You can do this when the background is disabled. Simply hover over the disabled background with your mouse and a Delete button will appear. Simply click that button and confirm your deletion. Good riddance!


Want to learn how to set your background during or before a video call? Please check our article Backgrounds.