Live now meetings

Jul 22, 2023

With 24sessions it is possible to hop directly on a video chat session. The feature that gives you the opportunity is called "Live Now." Let's see how you can create a Live now meeting type and how to use this feature.

This article covers:


Creating a Live now meeting type

To create a Live now meeting type, you have to follow these five steps:

  1. Go to 'Add ons' and 'Market' and enable the Live now add on.

  2. Go to 'Meeting types'.

  3. Edit a meeting type or create a new one. 

  4. Set the booking settings on live now or both.

  5. Save the changes.

When will I be marked as available?

To be shown as available in a live now form you need:

  1. To be assigned to that particular meeting type / form

  2. To be logged in to 24sessions

  3. To have a free calendar for the upcoming hour.

  4. Enable Browser notifications OR have the 'Meetings Overview - Live Now' page open in your browser

Important: to make sure you are marked as available and don't miss any incoming meetings we highly recommend enabling Browser notifications.


How to enable browser notifications?

Step 1: Go to the meetings overview page
Step 2: Click on the live now tab
Step 3: Select the checkbox 'Enable notifications'


Now you are available for direct meetings with clients. You only need to lead them to the booking form or embed it on your website. This is how it looks:



How to pick-up incoming live now meeting requests?

  • If you have browser notifications enabled you will get a Browser Notification. Click on the main part of the notification to pick it up (marked in red here)

  • If you don't have browser notifications enabled you need to be on the 'Meetings Overview - Live Now' page and pick up incoming requests there by clicking the 'Accept' button.