Email Customization

May 2, 2022

Email customization allows you to change the content of the emails both parties of a video meeting receive (that would include both user and guest(s). For example, when a meeting is booked, rescheduled or about to start.


This article covers:


Where can I find it?

You can find the email customization at the bottom left of your account under "Add ons". To enable it click on "Market"--> "Email Customization".

How does it work?

There are two sections; the notifications for the user and the notifications for the guests:

  • User: participant registered to 24sessions (or the one who is hosting the meeting)

  • Guest: participant not registered to 24sessions 

At the top of the page, you pick the type of participant your want to customize your email for. An overview of the total number of notifications and the active or disabled notifications is also available.

Below, there is an overview of some of the available email notification options that you can activate and/or edit:

The available options in a nutshell:

  • Wrap-up: user leaves a note to the guest of the meeting after the meeting has ended (sent immediately).

  • Meeting canceled: email to inform that the video meeting is canceled. (sent immediately).

  • Meeting rescheduled: email to inform that the video meeting is rescheduled (sent immediately).

  • Meeting scheduled: email to inform that the video meeting is scheduled (sent immediately).

  • Meeting starts soon: email to inform that the video meeting is starting soon (sent 1 hour prior to the meeting, but won't be sent if the meeting was scheduled less than 3 hours before it starts).

  • Review: email to remind your guest to leave you (user) a review. This email is sent only if your guest hasn't submitted a review in the tab that appears on his screen right after the meeting ends.

How do I edit my email notifications?

When you click on 'edit', you are redirected to your Email Editor where you can:

  • Customize the subject title and content 

  • Add bcc emails 

  • Insert attachments

To do that you will need to use some dynamic variables and links that will let you generate messages populated for every receiver.

You will find two explicit articles on how dynamic variables and links work, at the top left of your account:

Look how a customized email would look like both in the Email Editor and as received by your guest:

'Meeting Scheduled'

Email Editor:

Actual email: