Customize review questions per meeting type

Dec 8, 2022

In 24sessions, you are able to set review questions to get more insights in how your customers experience your meetings. They are key in getting valuable customer insights, so we suggest you customize them as best you can! You can do this down to the meeting type level, which we explain in this article.


How to customize review questions per meeting type

This option is only available when you have the review add-on switched on.

By customizing the review question per meeting type you are able to receive even more tailored customer feedback about your meetings.

Here is an overview of how to customize the review questions per meeting type.

  1. Go to 'meeting types' in your 24sessions account

  2. Click on the gear icon next to the specific meeting type and click on 'edit'

  3. Go to 'review questions' and fill in the specific questions you want to be answered for this meeting type.

4. Select 'Enable' to overwrite any global review questions you might have already switched on. 

5. You can also choose to hide review questions for this specific meeting type. Simply click on 'Hide' to switch off any review questions for this meeting type.

Please note that the default setting of all meeting types is to use the global review questions, as described in the review add-on, unless stated otherwise.