Connect your calendar to your 24sessions agenda

Jun 17, 2023

24sessions has a way to sync your Google, Office365 or calendar to your availability. In this way, you cannot be booked on the times that you are not available in your personal calendar. This article covers connecting your calendar with your 24sessions account.

How to connect your Google, Office365 or calendar to synchronize it with your 24sessions account

Enable the Calendar Integration add on from ‘Add ons’ → ‘Market’

In your availability page, click on the calendar you want to connect, select your account and allow the calendar to be synced with 24sessions availability.

You will then be redirected to a page where you will be asked to:

  1. Check calendar for conflicts: click the options you want 24sessions to check for conflicts.

  2. Add new events to calendar: click to add all new events scheduled by 24sessions to your connected calendar.

Save your changes

You can always edit your calendar settings or disconnect and reconnect it via ‘Manage settings’ and ‘Disconnect’.

*iCal does not connect with 24sessions