Allowing the Outlook / Office365 calendar connection

Jun 27, 2023

For some companies, it is necessary to grant multiple permissions before the users can use the Outlook / Office365 calendar integration. In this article, you will learn how to allow this integration as an admin.


Allowing the integration

To allow the integration, the first step is for an Azure administrator to link their 24sessions account to their O365 account. Since the Azure administrator has enough permissions to do this, this can simply be done through 24sessions. Go to Availability and click on Link with Office365 or there. You can then link your 24sessions account with your O365 account there.


Once this is done 24sessions should be visible in Apps with delegated permissions. 

Next, you can log into the Azure Admin portal. Then navigate through Azure Active directory to Enterprise Applications, then go to User Settings, and check yes for the options under Enterprise Applications. check No for Users can request admin consent to apps they are unable to consent to.

Then under Enterprise Applications, go to All applications. Then click on 24sessions, go to permissions and then click on "grant admin consent for [company name]". Once you have completed these steps you will make it possible for users to link their calendar to 24sessions.

You can test this by using a user account to link your calendar, as described earlier. The user will then see the following if all went well:

If the user then presses accept, then the calendar is linked.