Adjust availability of someone else

Dec 17, 2021

As an Admin you have the possibility to adjust the availability of (other) users or groups. This is very useful to either check or make sure that your team does not get booked at moments they cannot be booked. This article covers how to do this.


Step 1:

In the Dashboard go to 'Availability' and click on 'Someone else' at the top.

Step 2:

Choose whether you want to adjust the availability for a group or a person.

Step 3:

Choose the day and time that you want to block for this group or person. As soon as the time frame is blocked, you can choose to:

  • repeat the blockage.

  • set the blockage only for certain meeting types



Repeat the blockage:

You can choose to repeat the blockage daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Please note: if you remove a repeated block you remove the entire sequence!


Set the blockage for certain meeting types:

You can choose to block a day and time only for certain meeting types. This means that the user or group is not available for meeting type 'X' at that time, but other meeting types can still be scheduled at that time.

This is particularly useful when you want only certain meeting types to be scheduled during certain time slots.

If you choose to block this day/time slot for certain meeting types only you will notice that this blockage is also indicated with a different color (orange) in the calendar.