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The leading omnichannel communications platform, built for global scale

MessageBird’s mission is to create a world where communicating with a business is as easy as talking with a friend. We power communication between businesses and their customers — across any channel, always with the right context, and on every corner of the planet.

Trusted by over 25,000 companies

Better experiences at every step of the customer journey

Improve every interaction — from personalized support and custom notifications to optimized authentications and video meetings.


Marketing messages, push notifications, order updates, delivery alerts and more.


Two-way messaging, one-click video meetings and appointment booking.

Customer Support

Inbox, call-to-chat deflections, IVRs, chatbots and more.

Account Security

Multi-Factor Authentication via SMS, Voice, WhatsApp and Email.


All of your customers' preferred channels in one place

Whether you’re trying to improve the quality of existing channels like SMS, Voice or Email — or adopting new ways of communicating through WhatsApp, Instagram Direct or Google Maps — we manage the complexity for you.

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Annual interactions across 17+ channels worldwide.


Countries with virtual, localized numbers.


Offices across the EU, NAM, LATAM, and Asia.


Direct telecom carrier connections globally.


Unify your communications into one shared inbox

Centralize all of your customer conversations into one singular thread, no matter the channel. Empower your agents to do their best work with direct access to data from third party services like Shopify to personalize every interaction.

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Put automation to work for you — without a single line of code

Operational bottlenecks slowing your growth? Use automated conversations and workflows to collect critical information up front, reduce manual tasks, implement self-service flows, and route chats to the right agent.

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msg, err := sms.Create(
"This is a test message.",
var messagebird = require('messagebird')('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY');
var params = {
'originator': 'MessageBird',
'recipients': ['31612345678'],
'body': 'This is a test message.'
require 'messagebird'client ='YOUR_ACCESS_KEY')
client.message_create('MessageBird', '31612345678', 'This is a test message.')
import messagebird
client = messagebird.Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY')
message = client.message_create('MessageBird', '31612345678', 'This is a test message.')
MessageBirdService service = new MessageBirdServiceImpl("YOUR_ACCESS_KEY");
MessageBirdClient messageBirdClient = new MessageBirdClient(service);

List<BigInteger> recipients = new ArrayList<>();recipients.add(new BigInteger('31612345678'));
MessageResponse response = messageBirdClient.sendMessage(
"This is a test message.",
$messageBird = new \MessageBird\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY');
$message = new \MessageBird\Objects\Message();
$message->originator = 'MessageBird';
$message->recipients = [31612345678];
$message->body = 'This is a test message.';


Trusted by enterprises, loved by developers

Get up and running in minutes on our reliable, auto-scaling APIs with extensive documentations, complete API references and intuitive SDKs.

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Prebuilt SDKs

Client and server libraries in everything from Node, PHP, Java and more.

Easy integration

Prebuilt integrations for Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk, Zapier and more.

Extensive API docs

Thorough documentation to help developers build quickly and efficiently.

Quickstart tutorials

Simple, step-by-step tutorials and guides to get up and running in minutes.

You're in good hands

Secure by design

Enterprise-grade security is built into our products by default.

World-class support

Working across 10 global hubs, your business can rely on top-tier support, 24/7.

Regulatory compliance

Built with full consideration of applicable international laws and regulation.

Start offering your customers a better communication experience

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