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Stop wasting time responding to the same questions

Leverage omnichannel bots to automatically answer Frequently Asked Questions so your team spends more timing answering the infrequently asked ones.

The (automated) front line of support

Increase deflection with intelligent automation

Protect your support team's time and resources by answering the bulk of the questions asked by your users.

Flow Builder customization

Use Flow Builder to customize the path of incoming requests and add insights like customer sentiment or intent— so you can connect happy customers to automated replies or frustrated customers to live agents.

Learn more about Flow Builder

Build omnichannel bots in seconds:

Answer FAQs on Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Messenger, LINE, WeChat, and Telegram—and we're rapidly adding new channels.

They should be called Frequently Answered Questions

Quickly build a chatbot to answer the most frequently asked questions your business gets, like opening hours, pricing, and quick-troubleshooting. Maximize agent deflection to keep your support team focused on solving critical problems.

Data Sets

Our FAQ bot comes with default data sets, allows you to upload your own, and allows you to provide a link to an existing FAQ Page.


Pick the channels your bot should engage on to curate the customer experience on each channels

Response Customization

Automate routine, repetitive answers or send helpful links and resources to address common problems.

Test and Launch

Built in testing let's you get your responses perfect before launching to customers.

One central Inbox

Meet customers that needs support with a customer service team that can reach them on any channel with full context from past orders and support tickets.

Learn more about Inbox

You're in good hands

Secure by design

Enterprise-grade security is built into our platform and products by default.

World-class support

24/7 support for you and your team, with offices in 7 countries.

Global scalability

Built for international laws and regulations, including GDPR and PSD2.
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