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The world’s leading email sending and delivery platform

Send and optimize your emails with the platform trusted to deliver 40% of all commercial emails worldwide. Companies like Airbnb, Twitter, and more trust SparkPost to send over 4.5 trillion emails into their customer’s inboxes annually.
The world’s largest brands trust sparkpost

Deliver more emails

We don’t just send emails, we make sure they are delivered — with optimal placement and low latency. Our platform processes millions of data points in real-time to surface and resolve issues that would otherwise negatively impact your performance.


With great data comes
greater deliverability

Maintain an optimal inbox placement

The platform comes pre-configured for top inbox placement with providers like Gmail — and offers a complete set of tools to monitor reputation and resolve issues like hitting spam traps and blocklists.

Automated delivery optimization by default

Reduce bounces, blocks and delays for every ISP and in every market by leveraging optimization models aggregating data from millions of emails in real time.

Dedicated deliverability experts

Put the industry leading experts to work for you. Our team proactively works with ISP and Inbox providers to resolve issues and ensure your emails get delivered.


Trusted to deliver 40% of all commercial email

Auto-scale your sending

Whether you want to send 100 messages or a billion, you get the same low latency — less than two seconds in transit.

Handle volume-surges with ease

Our burst-rate SLA guarantees more than 10,000 messages per second.

Enterprise-grade security, compliant worldwide

Ensure security with 2FA, intrusion detection and email encryption on our SOC 2 certified platform. Authenticate with DMARC, SPF and DKIM, plus stay GDPR compliant.

package main

import (
   sp ""

func main() {
   var sparky sp.Client
   err := sparky.Init(&sp.Config{ApiKey: "<YOUR API KEY>"})
   if err != nil {
       log.Fatalf("SparkPost client init failed: %s\n", err)

   tx := &sp.Transmission{
       Recipients: []string{""},
       Options:    &sp.TxOptions{Sandbox: true},
       Content: sp.Content{
           HTML:    "<p>Testing SparkPost - the world's most awesomest email service!</p>",
           From:    "",
           Subject: "Oh hey!",
   id, _, err := sparky.Send(tx)
   if err != nil {

   log.Printf("Transmission sent with id [%s]\n", id)
const SparkPost = require('sparkpost');
const sparky = new SparkPost('<YOUR API KEY>');

   options: {
     sandbox: true
   content: {
     from: '',
     subject: 'Oh hey!',
     html:'<html><body><p>Testing SparkPost - the world\'s most awesomest email service!</p></body></html>'
   recipients: [
     {address: ''}
 .then(data => {
   console.log('Woohoo! You just sent your first mailing!');
 .catch(err => {
   console.log('Whoops! Something went wrong');
var transmission = new Transmission();
transmission.Content.From.Email = "";
transmission.Content.Subject = "Oh hey!";
transmission.Content.Text = "Testing SparkPost - the world\'s most awesomest email service!";
transmission.Content.Html = "<html><body><p>Testing SparkPost - the world\'s most awesomest email service!</p></body></html>";

var recipient = new Recipient
   Address = new Address { Email = "" }

var client = new Client("<YOUR API KEY>");
// or client.Transmissions.Send(transmission).Wait();
from sparkpost import SparkPost

sparky = SparkPost('<YOUR API KEY>')

response = sparky.transmissions.send(
   html='<html><body><p>Testing SparkPost - the world\'s most awesomest email service!</p></body></html>',
   subject='Oh hey!')
package com.sparkpost;

import com.sparkpost.exception.SparkPostException;

public class SparkPost {

   public static void main(String[] args) throws SparkPostException {
       String API_KEY = "<YOUR API KEY>";
       Client sparky = new Client(API_KEY);

               "Oh hey!",
               "Testing SparkPost - the world's most awesomest email service!",
               "<p>Testing SparkPost - the world's most awesomest email service!</p>");
use SparkPost\SparkPost;
use GuzzleHttp\Client;
use Http\Adapter\Guzzle6\Client as GuzzleAdapter;

$httpClient = new GuzzleAdapter(new Client());
$sparky = new SparkPost($httpClient, ['key' => '<YOUR API KEY>']);

$sparky->setOptions(['async' => false]);
$results = $sparky->transmissions->post([
 'options' => [
   'sandbox' => true
 'content' => [
   'from' => '',
   'subject' => 'Oh hey!',
   'html' => '<html><body><p>Testing SparkPost - the world\'s most awesomest email service!</p></body></html>'
 'recipients' => [
   ['address' => ['email'=>'']]

Trusted by enterprises,
loved by developers

Take full control of the platform with intuitive APIs that allow you to manipulate templates, generate messages, send emails, analyze performance data and much more.

Read the docs
Prebuilt SDKs

Client and server libraries in everything from Go, PHP, Node and more.

Migration guides

In-depth migration guides when moving from another service.

Extensive API docs

Thorough documentation to help devs build quickly and efficiently.


Simple, step-by-step tutorials and guides to help you get started.


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PowerMTA is an enterprise-grade email message transfer agent (MTA) tailored for high-volume senders and ESP. Host it on-premise or in the cloud and take full control of hardware provisioning. Leverage built-in bounce categorization and easily scale to millions of payload injections per hour.

Pricing and support tailored to massive scale

Volume-based licensing makes scaling up and down easy, as you only pay for the emails you send. White-glove support gives you direct access to large-scale email experts around the clock.

Sends 15 billion emails a month
“Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about the PowerMTA software.”
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The power of email in action

Learn how leading brands use SparkPost to drive business results. From account creations to re-engagement campaigns, the world’s most sophisticated senders trust our platform to deliver billions of emails every day.

You're in good hands

Secure by design

Enterprise-grade security is built into our products by default.

World-class support

24/7 support for you and your team, with MessageBird offices in 7 countries.

Regulatory compliance

Built for international laws and regulations, including GDPR and PSD2.

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