Mar 7, 2023

SparkPost is now MessageBird Email

SparkPost is now MessageBird Email

SparkPost is now MessageBird Email

When we founded MessageBird in 2011, we had one mission: to make communicating with a business feel as easy and natural as talking to a friend. Since then, we've created a gobal, omnichannel business powering streamlined, secure and meaningful communications for over 20,000 customers worldwide.

In 2021, we announced our acquisition of SparkPost, the world's most trusted email sending and deliverability platform — powering 4.5 trillion emails every year, 40% of all commercial emails worldwide. SparkPost's technology enables customers to reach the inbox faster, and more reliably than any other email sending platform. Its leading email analytics products enable global brands the optimize earlier, and with more confidence compared to competitors.

We’re excited to announce the next step in our journey, integrating SparkPost deeper into the MessageBird family. It has always been our goal to provide customers with a truly omnichannel platform and provide industry-leading solutions that cover the entire customer journey, and this step brings us closer to our vision.

As of today, becomes MessageBird Email — providing a single storefront for our entire omnichannel platform. We will continue to stay focused on delivering world-class email delivery and intelligence solutions, with SparkPost becoming a more integrated part of MessageBird.

If you're an existing SparkPost customer, know that we will continue to provide you with the best email delivery, analytics, and expertise — while staying committed to the highest level of service.

We are ONE team! Let’s go!

- Robert

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