Customer Story

May 3, 2021

PagerDuty: Enabling real-time notifications at scale using MessageBird

PagerDuty: Enabling real-time notifications at scale using MessageBird

PagerDuty: Enabling real-time notifications at scale using MessageBird

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time

PagerDuty is a digital operations management platform that helps companies of all sizes proactively manage their digital ecosystem through monitoring and alerts — enabling immediate action when every second matters.

Alerts and notifications used to be complex and spotty, but PagerDuty works to make them reliable and accessible. Its cloud-based services integrate with virtually any software-enabled system so that the moment something goes wrong, the customer is alerted.

Successfully alerting teams no matter where they are‍

When there’s an incident — a misconfiguration, a server down, or any technical problem that may cause issues — the right team or individual needs to know as soon as possible, to minimize potential impact on their users. With PagerDuty’s platform, incidents are sent to the right on-call responders using predefined escalation policies to enable faster responses.

But with customers worldwide, PagerDuty must deliver these notifications wherever its customers are located.

“We choose MessageBird for its carrier route optimizations, enabling us to reach our customers more reliably in hard-to-reach areas of the world.”

Katherine ChengLi, Software Engineer at PagerDuty

A telecommunications provider to help power the platform‍

PagerDuty uses MessageBird’s Voice connectivity to ensure its crucial services function wherever customers require it. MessageBird enables reliable caller ID globally — even while delivering calls in distant countries — to increase the likelihood business-critical notifications being answered.

For PagerDuty, using MessageBird’s supernetwork and numbers API provides direct access to over 220 global telcos and cost-effective, local numbers where needed.

Ensuring reliable alerts at scale‍

PagerDuty makes alerting dependable, simple and accessible, so that its customers can keep their digital services up and running properly. Pairing this with MessageBird’s telecom infrastructure, PagerDuty’s platform helps to reduce downtime and outages for its customers around the globe.

“Our business is built on trust — customers rely on us to deliver business-critical notifications worldwide, which is why having a solid telecommunications partner is so important.”

Leeor Engel, Senior Engineering Manager at PagerDuty