Customer Story

Sep 11, 2021

OLX: Automating engagement with 50,000 WhatsApp sellers to drive revenue

OLX: Automating engagement with 50,000 WhatsApp sellers to drive revenue

OLX: Automating engagement with 50,000 WhatsApp sellers to drive revenue

Deploying technology to drive engagement 

OLX Indonesia wanted to find an easy-to-implement communication solution to increase revenue and improve engagement with its large network of professional sellers. They approached MessageBird, and within six weeks, OLX Indonesia was able to set up their WhatsApp account, integrate their backend contact list and image database, build the automated communications flow, and send out the first batch of 6,000 messages.

Engaging and upselling the B2B seller

The majority of revenue on OLX Indonesia’s platform comes from car dealerships and real estate agents. OLX Indonesia was able to gather valuable statistics from these sellers based on their usage enabling their businesses to grow in a data-driven manner. However, sharing this information was a tedious, manual process with reports being sent through traditional channels such as email, resulting in only a 5% open rate. OLX Indonesia sought a solution wherein they could automate communications and increase the number of sellers taking advantage of these valuable reports.

“We started working with MessageBird because we saw benefit in their powerful technology for OLX. We're continuing to work together more extensively as they make an effort to understand our business and are proving to be a real partner. MessageBird has trained our team and we are now able to build a great omnichannel communication experience for OLX.”

Mizan Miftah, Head of Customer Excellence

Communicating with sellers via the WhatsApp Business API

OLX Indonesia identified that many of their sellers were using WhatsApp on their personal devices, so in partnership with MessageBird, decided to trial sending package reports through the app. These package reports were shared as a competitive differentiator to showcase value delivered by the OLX platform. The high levels of engagement caused by automated notifications on WhatsApp resulted in an increased number of upsell opportunities for agents.

‍Executing on sales strategy globally and across industries with faster, targeted sales

Automated package reporting sent on WhatsApp is only the beginning, there are many possible applications of cloud communications for OLX Group globally. From sending notifications about package expiry and low credit, to collecting user feedback and soliciting surveys, agents can approach customer acquisition and retention more effectively than ever before. And with MessageBird’s global presence and short ramp-up period, these solutions are just a click away.

“The MessageBird team was super responsive and has a quick throughput rate, it inspired us to use communication to improve sales processes in ways we had never thought of before. We achieved a 600% increase in open rates.”

Mizan Miftah, Head of Customer Excellence