Customer Story

May 3, 2021

NUJEK: Using WhatsApp and Flow Builder to increase customer satisfaction

NUJEK: Using WhatsApp and Flow Builder to increase customer satisfaction

NUJEK: Using WhatsApp and Flow Builder to increase customer satisfaction

A platform for easier access and opportunity

NUJEK, an on-demand platform in Indonesia, provides delivery of food and groceries along with other professional transportation services all in one mobile app.  

“Customers love to use NUJEK because they can choose the NUJEK partner that will complete their service request.” said Gus Ghozali, CEO at NUJEK. “And the people of Indonesia gain work opportunities for their skills.”

This has allowed NUJEK to grow to serve more than 250,000 customers across Indonesia. To help its customer support team keep up with its growth, NUJEK realized it needed to partner with a communications provider. 

Customer communications needed to be faster

“We just used email, Android app forms, and sometimes even personal WhatsApp accounts to communicate with our couriers and partners.” said Ghozali. This left NUJEK with some challenges in quality, reliability and speed in its customer communications.

“It was too hard for our customers to contact our support team and we need to respond faster from our side,” explained Ghozali. 

NUJEK was on the lookout for a communications platform that allowed them to reach its customers on their preferred channels and bring automation to its courier and partner communications.

“MessageBird’s powerful Flow Builder has optimized our customer journey and new channel integrations with our existing CRM system.”

Gus Ghozali, CEO at NUJEK

WhatsApp and automation increases customer satisfaction

NUJEK partnered with MessageBird to get direct access to the WhatsApp Business API and automate its interactions with partners and couriers.

“WhatsApp is the number one messaging app used in Indonesia,” said Ghozali. “With MessageBird, Nujek has been able to make WhatsApp the main communication channel between our support team and our customers.”

NUJEK utilizes MessageBird’s Flow Builder to automate WhatsApp communications for partners on the platform. Now, NUJEK’s couriers and partners have quick engagement on a familiar channel to stay up-to-date on the status of customer purchases.

“The value of Flow Builder is very big. NUJEK has automated work processes and customer engagement — we communicate with our customers much faster using fewer human resources,” said Ghozali. “And if a customer fails to get their order, they can easily inform our customer care and we can quickly find the best solution for the customer.”

“The other important benefit is we now get more precious feedback from our customers, helping to improve our services in the future,” explained Ghozali.

The impressive results are only the beginning 

Since partnering with MessageBird, NUJEK’s communications journey — with customers, couriers and partners — has become more efficient and reliable.

The next step in the partnership is to help NUJEK establish a more omnichannel approach to its communications to help provide its customers with an even more seamless experience.

“MessageBird allows our team to handle customers communications fast, precisely, and efficiently. And of course, that increases our customers’ satisfaction.”

Gus Ghozali, CEO at NUJEK