Dec 2, 2021

Hero image - drive more sales on Instagram
Hero image - drive more sales on Instagram
Hero image - drive more sales on Instagram

Elevate your communications directly on Instagram

Elevate your communications directly on Instagram

Elevate your communications directly on Instagram

Business on Instagram is booming — the social platform now has over one billion active monthly users, 500 million daily Stories users and 150 million people on Instagram have a conversation with a business every month.

From boosting engagement and building brand loyalty to delivering customer service throughout a buyer’s journey, connecting with users via Instagram messaging is critical to attract and retain customers. 

As a business owner, it is imperative to make it easy for customers to connect and start a conversation where they already are, on Instagram.

While managing messages directly on the app creates various challenges, your business can now seamlessly deliver first-class support and drive more sales through Instagram messaging with MessageBird. 

Your storefront to billions of business opportunities

For businesses of any size, Instagram offers robust features to market and sell directly on the app, providing you with a powerful way to expand your audience, showcase your products and drive sales.

  • Product discovery happens on Instagram: 81% of respondents in a recent survey said they use Instagram to research products and services — plus, two in three people said the platform helps foster interactions with brands. 

  • Shoppers go to Instagram: 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram for their next purchase

  • Social shopping leads to purchases on Instagram: 72% of Instagram users purchased a product they saw on Instagram

TLDR: Your customers are on Instagram and they want to engage with you there.

How can I use Instagram messaging for my business?

Instagram messaging lets your business send and receive messages from users. You can send the following things on Instagram:

  • Photos or videos you take or upload from your library

  • Posts you see in feed

  • Disappearing photos and videos

  • Instagram profiles

  • Text

  • Hashtags

  • Location pages

However, as a business owner, you can only tap into the full potential of Instagram messaging with the right communications platform — one that empowers your business to build strong connections with your customers through timely and personalized messaging.

"With MessageBird's Instagram DM solution, our support team can now address our customer inquiries on Instagram much more efficiently. We can automate frequently asked questions and allow our team to focus on higher priority tasks without incurring additional costs."
Arjan Spakman, Customer Experience Manager, Brandfield 

How can I use Instagram messaging with MessageBird?

Using Instagram with MessageBird, your business can leverage the full potential of your Instagram interactions through consolidations with Inbox and powerful AI and automations with Flow Builder.

In other words, you can utilize Instagram messaging to provide better customer support, build brand loyalists and sell more products.

Story mention auto-replies

Instead of manually searching and replying to Story mentions, now you can instantly reply to them with a personalized message using our workflows. 

Use these quick replies to boost customer engagement or send personalized coupon codes to incentivize purchases. 

Rapid direct message responses

Use Flow Builder to easily build automated communication flows and create canned replies to enable fast, personalized answers to common questions.

Qualify leads through information capture

When users engage with your brand on Instagram, capture customer-provided information to qualify and route them to your sales team.

Use AI to discover deep conversation insights

Automatically analyze incoming messages to customize the path of incoming messages —  and empower your agents to do their best work by gathering order and delivery details up front.

Paths to Live Chat

Leverage AI and automation to ensure any conversation can escalate to a live product expert.

An Inbox built for the social media era

Organize your incoming messages with Inbox. Allow multiple agents to interact with your customers at the same time, through one platform.

"We are thrilled that MessageBird is launching support for Messaging on Instagram through API and Inbox. The Messenger API for Instagram will now enable all businesses to connect with customers on their preferred messaging channel, while integrating existing tools and data to drive business outcomes,” said Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, VP of Platform Partnerships at Facebook. “By integrating the Messenger API for Instagram, businesses and developers can effectively scale messaging workflows to better own the customer experience and build more authentic relationships.”

Manage more conversations with the same headcount

In the past year, Instagram quickly became the go-to place for shoppers to discover new products. As a business, managing the high volume of comments and customer interactions can be overwhelming, especially with a small support team. 

Fragmented communication channels without a unified strategy will often result in inconsistent customer experiences and loss of revenue.

MessageBird solves that for you.

Regardless of the volume of your conversations, with our new Instagram messaging solution, your business can seamlessly unify all of your communication channels into one place, any where, any time and for any use case.